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BNIP : Beziers Narbonne Intervention Piscine

Pool intervention Beziers Narbonne

ENTRETIEN PISCINE : BNIP s'occupe de tout | Confiez nous l'entretien de votre piscine.
FORMATION PISCINE Formation personnalisée ou en groupe | Acquérir les indispensables.
DEPANNAGE ET INTERVENTION PISCINE BNIP s'en charge | Nous reparons tout type de panne.
HIVERNAGE PISCINE l'hiver approche | Préparer votre bassin pour l'hiver 2013.
POMPE A CHALEUR PISCINE Une eau à température constante.
SECURITE PISCINE Votre bassin se doit d'être sécurisé pour le bien être de tous .
LOCAL TECHNIQUE Indispensable à votre piscine. | BNIP s'adapte et vous conseille.
REGULATEUR PH SEL & CHLORE Automatisez votre piscine. | BNIP votre expert domotique.

Pool Products :( Less) Ph Powder

pH Corrector, allows you to acidify the water in your pool each time it rises above the comfort zone.

It is advisable to maintain the Ph levels in your pool between 7,0 et 7,4.

The pool test kit used to control the pH with phenol red indicator are only accurate between 6,9 et 7,9. Anything out of this range should be measured with an electronic device.

The product is very hygroscopic, it tends to expand in the presence of humidity or if the packaging is not correctly closed.

For hard water that has a high TAC and TH, the dose must be increased. The pH being a logarithm, the quantities of ‘PH Less’ necessary, are not linear.


It's better to dissolve the product in a bucket before pouring it in front of the expulsions outlet, to prevent the non dissolved blocks from sinking to the bottom of the pool where they risk discolouring the liner.