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Pool intervention Beziers Narbonne

ENTRETIEN PISCINE : BNIP s'occupe de tout | Confiez nous l'entretien de votre piscine.
FORMATION PISCINE Formation personnalisée ou en groupe | Acquérir les indispensables.
DEPANNAGE ET INTERVENTION PISCINE BNIP s'en charge | Nous reparons tout type de panne.
HIVERNAGE PISCINE l'hiver approche | Préparer votre bassin pour l'hiver 2013.
POMPE A CHALEUR PISCINE Une eau à température constante.
SECURITE PISCINE Votre bassin se doit d'être sécurisé pour le bien être de tous .
LOCAL TECHNIQUE Indispensable à votre piscine. | BNIP s'adapte et vous conseille.
REGULATEUR PH SEL & CHLORE Automatisez votre piscine. | BNIP votre expert domotique.

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Leaks in your pool

Lots of privately owned, co-owned or semi-public swimming pools, made of concrete, liner, or shell are subject to water leaks. These leaks are a real irritation because they consume a lot of water. Often, we do not realize it, but when the water bill comes we know something has to be done. Where do these leaks come from? How do we repair them? So many questions ……. BNIP can answer them.

Leaks in your pool

So, where can these leaks come from?
A leak can come from different areas in the pool. Very rarely; from my experience, does a leak stem from the structure. The most likely areas are; evacuation outlets, expulsion outlets, the skimmer, spotlights, vacuum heads and water level regulators.
It could also be situated in the pipes or in the pump house.
There are several different methods that can be used when searching for a leak; putting pressure through pipes, using a camera to inspect, tracing the flow of liquids etc.
How to repair leaks?
Generally, a professional is needed because it’s his specialty.
However, there are sealing liquids on the market that could help you out. (Read the instructions very carefully).
How do I know my pool has a leak?
Very simple, take a bucket and fill it with water to a certain mark. Measure the level of your pool. Leave the bucket next to your pool so that the different climatic elements will have the same impact on your pool and the bucket of water. Go back in 48 hours and measure the difference in the levels. If they are different, you probably have a leak in your pool. It would be ideal to repair leaks in the off season.

Pool heat pumps

A heat pump has become a major tool in heating up swimming pools today, and as important as equipment such as pH and chlorine regulators. There are different price rangers and different quality heat pumps. Take advantage of the summer season. Bnip is here to help you.

Pool heat pumps

You have all experienced this: The first few days of May are beautiful, hot, BBQ around the pool area, swimming costumes and sun cream come out…..but the pool water is only 18°C, a little bit too chilly to dive in!

Maybe you want to install a heat pump but are just flooded by lots of different information about various products that different suppliers can offer you…You would like to have a competent pool professional who can look at your needs and your wants but remaining in the set pool standards, BNIP is who you need, contact us!

Do you know that a heat pump can warm a swimming pool of 8m*4m for only 200 € of electricity a year?

Focus on swimming pool heat pumps:

A heat pump is essential in optimizing your swimming pool season , it allows you to take advantage of beautiful days, without being afraid of getting cold the minute your toes touch the water and for an minimal electric consumption. (Approximately 200 € a year for a pool of 8m*4m and covered with a solar cover). Basically, for 200 €, your pool water can stay a stable 28°C from the beginning of May to the end of October, interesting?

BNIP accompanies you throughout the feasibility studies until the execution and the putting into service of your new jewel! Your family will be grateful to you forever!

Be careful of marketing traps! Very often, swimming pool heat pumps are sold on the Web, by sites more or less specialized in pools and sell machines more or less recognized BUT with a SAV (AFTER-SALES SERVICE) that is very difficult to access.
BNIP installs and takes care of the SAV (AFTER-SALES SERVICE) of heat pumps no matter what the make.

However, all the craftsmen will tell you, it's better to buy the heat pump and install it with the same person ( BNIP) because you know what the end result will be: your comfort and your serenity.

No matter what question you have about your pool, BNIP is here to accompany you.

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